Living the Totality of your Being
The 12 Planes of the Timeless Voyage - Level II

Workshop in 13 sessions

Grow the Totality of Your Being by:

Understanding the Human Being's relationship with the universe, between Microcosm and Macrocosm.
Growing your Energy Quality, along with your Perception of the Interdimensional Weaves.
Creating Continuity with your Energy Vehicles and Subtle Bodies.
Returning into Yourself and Rising to a Higher Level.
Recovering Unity.

Universal Resonance
Law-system of the Earth, Law-system of the Heavens
Perceiving the Universe: Microcosm-macrocosm
Material Stabilisation
Ber System, Dolmens (stone tables), Earthquakes
The Origin of Incarnations
Mecanian, Metallian, Metralian Systems
Social Integration
Life in a Group
Passing from Multiplicity to Unity
Physical Purification
Descent of the Souls into Incarnation
Energy Feeding
Vital Regulation
Androgyny, the Transmutation of Energies
The Circulation of Energies
Man-Woman Relationships
Psycho-emotional Rebalancing
The Energetic Balancing of Deep Hookings
Feeding your Body of Energy
Emotional Harmonisation
Subtle Brothers and Sisters
The Blessing Process
The Outburst of Transcendent Love
Mental Structuring
The Lower Mind as a Transfer-organising Consciousness.
"Imageneration": Creative Thinking.
The Being's Twelve Personnalities
The Awakening of Consciousness
Perceiving your other Vehicles
Poetical Inspiration
Expressing your Inner Essence.
The Subtle Energy
Perceiving your Soul Dimension and Using it as an Elevation Means.
Interdimensional Telepathy
The Telepathic Connection
Conditions for the Transfer
Horizontal and Vertical Telepathy
Spiritual Unification

Timelessness, and Consciousness of the Future
The Creator Flow - How to Be an Operator
Returning to the Dimensions of Sumerian Essence

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