The Inner Being's Blooming Process

The 12 Planes of the Timeless Voyage - Level III
Workshop in 12 sessions

Understanding the concept of its incarnation Program
Find harmony and balance necessary for the development of the inner being
Having a more accurate understanding of the interdimensional frames.
Integrating in his life the cosmic messenger dimension
Conquer his energetic and spiritual freedom
Live more in touch with his inner unity

* Universal Resonance
The place of Earth in the Universe_ Planetary mutation
Learning to control the limit of one's emission facing the infinite
* Material Stabilisation
Developing mastery in the treatment of one's imperious system.
Relation between power and the power within us
Exchanging with antimatter
* Social Integration
Mastering the unity-multiplicity polarization
Codes for one's liberation
* Physical Purification
Managing the physical and energy bodies
Continuity between the three bodies: Body of power, physical body and energy body.
* Vital Regulation
Intervention of the unitary body on the physical body during the paroxysm.
Superhuman-human-inhuman relation.
Yin-yang equilibrating.
* Psycho-emotional Rebalancing
Better defining what is the most important thing to do during one's existence.
Communion and mutual support.
Return to one's subtle body
* Emotional Harmonisation
Happiness and organ of numeration of man and woman.
Mastering one's reflection and taming the animal, the human, for its reconnection to the cosmic order.
* Mental Structuring
The temporal physical geometry.
Reinsertion from the external numeration to the internal numeration
* The Awakening of Consciousness
Meeting the dimension of perfection of the Intra-Universe
Developing energy networks clear-sightedness
* Poetical Inspiration
Creating a resonance of subtle beauty
Contacting the soul dimension_ Developing one's talents
Dancing to unify with the sidereal poetry.
* Interdimensional Telepathy
Spaceships sightings, energy correspondences.
Telepathy and connexion_ dimensions and fleets
Contacting one's ship.
* Spiritual Unification

Developing one's inner consciousness connected to the unitary field
God the Supreme and the cosmic man
Spiritual inspiration and transcendence.

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