Discovering your Being's True Nature
The 12 Planes of the Timeless Voyage - Level I

spiritual workshops
Workshop in 13 sessions


Our daily life often is incomplete and repetitive.
We only live certain aspects of ourselves.

This workshop will permit you to integrate all the facets of the human being,
to explore and trigger off all our potentials by giving
a new meaning to our life, to our thoughts and actions.

The adventure of the 12 steps of the "Timeless Voyage"

Universal Resonance: Finding one's place in the universe

Material Stabilisation: Restore the sacred meaning of our material life

Social Integration: Harmonising one's personal life in the society

Physical Purification: Respecting one's body and listening to its rhythms

Vital Regulation: Channeling and directing one's vital energy

Psycho-emotional Rebalancing: Pacifying one's moods, while developping one's sensitivity

Emotional Harmonisation: Elevating the plane of love

Mental Structuring: From reasoning to resonance

The Awakening of Consciousness: Awakening new perception abilities in oneself

Poetical Inspiration: Knowing how to express one's soul dimension, while preserving one's sense of wonderment

Interdimensional Telepathy: Recovering the timeless memory of what one truly is

Spiritual Unification: Entering in communion with one's divine essence

Each plane will be the discovery of a new facet of ourselves
for the better growth of our whole being.
With exercises, exchanges, concentrations, meditations, games and information.

"This workshop brought me answers to most of my questions. I receive plenty of intuitive information. On each level I had very strong experiences. I now feel much better and more connected to the above. I discovered aspects of myself I were not aware of, and I will continue to make them grow." Juhani, Finland

"This workshop about the 12 planes allowed me to journey from a visible plane to an invisible plane. I could feel that a complete work was being made through all the levels of my being, to help me rejoin various other levels. I could also draw a synthesis from my past, and a little bit on the present, along with some work for the future. This workshop opened doors for me to carry on my personal research in the future, and to pursue my inner evolution."
Mariana, Bulgaria