Essential Woman

This Initiatory Journey will take you from the deepest of the condensation force until the Divine plane.
To recover your true essence of Woman, you have to dare run the risk of leaving your fears and limitations, of extricating yourself from the ruts of old behaviours, in order to step forward into the unknown:
a re-dimensioned Future.

* This voyage unfolds in four levels:

1) Level of the Woman's Deep Basal Forces
Reasons for incarnating in a woman's body
The woman's deep system of power compared to the man's deep system of power
Consciously managing your deep powers

2) Level of the Woman's Vital Fire
Unfastening the energy knots
Constricting/channeling the vital energy up into a vertical inner axis
The Woman's operational strength
Initiated Woman: guardian of the Sacred Fire

3) Level of the Woman's Love and Soul Dimension
The Soul Dimension
Purifying and uplifting your love
The Woman in her relationship with the Man
The capacity of Suprapersonal Love

4) Level of the Woman's Spiritual Dimension
Mystical dimension and Gnostic dimension:
The feminine Ionian Path and the masculine Dorian Path
The Initiated Woman

"When living a workshop between women, there is a lot of peace because there can be sincerity, confidence and a specific sense of security. It felt good to be able to feel my little soul in moments of elevation, and only in a feminine energy plasma; this is very important! This is something that our planet lacks very much, I think.
Guylaine, France

"This workshop brought me many elements, and shed light into the dark zones of myself. I received many answers. I also could feel how important my incarnation was in this plane. I wish I will be able to use all the important keys I received, and to apply them in my life, from now on, to fully integrate them and to be able to help other beings in the future. Thank you everybody!"
Liat – Poland