Initiation to Cosmic Connection

This workshop invites you to the inner voyage,
to learn how to live with the cosmos, with the laws
and weaves governing the universe.

By knowing ourselves better, while increasing our inner life,
we can awaken secret parts of ourselves.

Purifying our physical body
Harmonising our emotional life
Re-ordering our thought and our life
Uplifting ourselves through spiritual connection


1 - A journey through the physical world and its roots.
.... Purification to integrate the physical body in the chain of other vehicles of energy.
.....How to know oneself.

2 - Discovering the psycho-emotional universe.
.....The blossoming of one's subtlety and soul dimension.
.....Mastery over one's own energy.
.....Super-personal dynamics in one's relationship to others.

3 - Exploring the mind. Passage from reasoning to resonance to come in tune with the internal order of the universe.
.....Positive programming.
.....Understanding the symbolic weaves throughout all the events of our life.
.....Living the cosmic instant.

4 - Earth-Heaven connection and telepathy.
.....Contact with other dimensions of consciousness-energy.
.....Awakening one's spiritual dimension.

This workshop in 4 sessions is built as a game,
integrating information, exercises,
thoughts, meditations and exchanges full of discoveries.
It establishes the relationship between macrocosm and microcosm,
and it enables each person to unfold their creative potential.

"From the first day to the last, during this workshop, I could feel many things change in myself. And today, I feel completely different; I think that this will cause a great shift in my life."
Nicolas, France

"The most important for me, at the end of this workshop, was to feel that I had passed another door, and that I was somewhat more elevated... Thank you everybody for being together."
Maria-Anna, Sweden