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Unitary workshops leads you towards the discovery of yourself.
Beyond the impossibilities of the mental mind and the limitations of the formal world,
through previously unseen information, fruits of years of research, of intuitions and practices,
these workshops will make you experience
intense moments and will set you in original situations.
They will give you precious tools to lead you to decisive insights and to awake your extra sensorial perceptions.
They represent unique moments of mind opening and communion during which everyone is lead to develop all the levels of his/her being and share his/her experiences in a context of respect and attentiveness.

Workshops of initiation to:
Discover the Meditaction
Explore your inner universe
Learn to master the different levels of energy
Travel in spirit, soul and body worlds
Develop the contact with other dimensions

You can complete your training with a serie of more specific workshopsin order to broaden your knowledge
and gain access to your potential of Cosmic Junction.
These workshops are done in qualitative and privileged places.

Unitary workshops offers you « on line » workshops too, through vocal chats and on interactive virtual worlds where
each one is present with his /her own avatar.

The Unitary Workshops team is happy to welcome you for
stays of awakening of consciousness stays.

Workshops and customized coaching



The Unitary Workshops give you the keys for :
- Learning the mastering of energies
- Setting order in all facets of your identity
- Emerging your potential to serve your success
- Understanding your energetic structure
- Recovering the memory of your essential Being
- Taking your place and your role in the games and frames of the universe


To enter in a stream of positive evolution
This workshop allows you to integrate the bases of the physical and energetic purification
It gives you codes to recentre and feed the cosmic and spiritual aspect of yourself

The goal is to retrieve an inner reference passing from meditation to meditaction
Progressively we canalize our energy to build our vertical axis
and to reach serenity in communicating with our inner self
Exercises and guide meditactions will help you to feel and harmonize your chakras.

We invite you for a journey for the clarity of the mind,
the fulfillment of the soul and the well-being of the body.
Discovering, sharing, freeing ourselves and creating the alliancy
between your earthy identity and your cosmic origin.

Exploring all our energetic potential
in mastering the energies in order to be in harmony
With the The spirit - With oneself - With the others - With the Force
Learning how to manage the energy fields which interfere at each moment in our existence.

You who have kept the memory of your cosmic origin or carry intuitively
in yourself the desire to recover it,this workshop is for you.
You will integrate knowledge and experiences which will guide you toward the contact
with the sideral presences who are watching over humanity
and appear sometimes in the sky.


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