Perceiving your Energy Bodies

Workshop Online & Onsite in 5 sessions


- Identifying and awakening our bodies of energy. How to give them more strength, align and unify them.
- Understanding their interaction with physical life, their functioning process, and their role.
- Settle the causes of blocs recorded in the etheric, astral and mental bodies.
- Becoming sensitised to the building of the body of light.
- Unfolding our identity, both human and cosmic.

energetic body


The Physical Body and its Root System
The physical body as a temple, and as a universe in permanent evolution. Harmonising and the physical body with massages and exercises; purification. Discovering the body of power linked to the individual's root system.
The incarnation, and the notion of a programme for this life.

The Etheric Body
The etheric body with the chakras and the streams of internal energy.
Circulating, increasing and channelling one's vital energy.
Regeneration, and strengthening, of the etheric body.

The Astral Body of Emotions
The body of emotions, seat of our mood.
Discovering the astral body through dream exploration, and through an approach of out-of-body experience.
Living and growing in love and harmony.

The Mental Body

From daily concrete thought to abstract interdimensional thought.
Creative thinking; active et imaginative management of one's life.
Subtle inspiration, and communication with invisible worlds.

The Spiritual Body
Contact with the subtle presences or guides that accompany us.
Meditation, connection to the body of light and to the divine plane.

Through exercises, games, visualizations, concentrations, meditations,
we will better perceive the existence of these bodies.
An exchange with others and with the surroundings at other levels of energy.

"Alberto: Clearly, this workshop was fantastic and I have to start by thanking. From the power system,
I experienced in a very light way and felt in a fabulous way the relationship with the physical body.
The contact with the etheric body, which strengthens us, protects us and energizes us. Experiencing the astral world of very beautiful and reassuring emotions which we will then need in real life.
This contact with the higher dimensions was fantastic, fabulous. For me the key word is Love. And thank you for creating all this, the virtual worlds, and thank you to the higher dimensions who allowed us to meet, who follow us and watch over us."

"Alexandra: I thank you very much, these three days have been very beautiful, I take with me all the experiences I have had, thanks to you I had the chance to perceive all my energy bodies, in the past this never happened to me, so I am very happy about it. I managed to carry light everywhere, to live each body in the light and to purify them. In particular it was very moving to be able to dialogue with the Spiritual Father. I take with me this continuity, the fullness, the completeness that I feel and I will certainly continue to do these exercises to nourish more and more all my bodies and this alliance. The key words come to mind: harmony, much light, peace and comfort and of course continuity. I thank those who created the virtual world because it is something beautiful and of course I thank Appel Guéry for his very evolutionary teachings. Thank you all, thank you for your kindness, thank you also to my fellow travellers..."

"Viviana: Thank you to everyone, everything I lived three wonderful days and as always when I work with you, I bring back the content of unique experiences that accompany me in the following months. I understood better what the meaning of all the bodies is and the thing that touched me the most and that I bring back home, the concept of continuity of all these bodies so this great synergy between all these energy bodies. It was really a wonderful experience, I don't know how to thank you. Key words come to mind: reharmonization, light, beauty, reassurance and this is a content that I needed to feel at this moment of my life because I realized that there were clashes with external circuits that led me to not feel this continuity with my higher dimensions. Now I feel realigned in joy and happy to be able to continue the path, I will bring into life these elements that I received. Thank you all, thank you to the creator of this wonderful teaching, it allows me to evolve even with this very beautiful experience.


I was not expecting so interesting, so fundamental a workshop! It was so very rich of new things. I could speak to my brother of light, to my sister of light. I experienced very beautiful connections. I felt the energy come down and my chakras opening, I was really not ready for that!" Stefano, Civitavecchia (Italy)

"The most important thing I experienced during this workshop - in which I found everything I was looking for, because there really was some will beyond myself that led me towards this moment -, it is the fact that there exist dimensions very high above us, beyond every one's personality and beyond the habits in our life, that manage to establish courses for our entities, whether it is for each of us personally or for encounters between us." Ciro, Naples (Italy)