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Energy Management
Online - Level 1 e 2

Explore and Discover your Inner Being

What does this workshop give you?

- To know and control your deep forces
- Tools for the purification of your energetic field
- Harmonizing your psychic and emotional energies
- Connection with your higher self 

Who is it for?

- People seeking a more complete understanding of their being.
- Who wish to better control the energies involved in their life.
- Those seeking to connect with their cosmic essence.
- Who aspire to develop their perceptive abilities

Which includes the workshop?

- Practical exercises of cleansing, channelling and contacting
- Access to virtual worlds
- Guided meditations
-Group work with the support of centralisers

We provide these
Workshop in 4 sessions by videoconference, in an interactive virtual world with your avatar.

Level I

Exterior Plane:
Learning to purify, better control and harmonise the energies that
constantly interfere in our lives.

Inferior Plane:
Become aware of your root, of the power that characterizes you,
and manage the deeper aspects of your persona

Interior Plane:
Knowing and applying in your life, the centralisation and transmutation of energies at all levels: physical, sexual, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Superior Plane:
To develop creative thinking, transparency and transcendence.

Level II

Exterior Plane:
Freeing ourselves from the energetic states that hinder our fulfilment by learning
to become more fluid, to reunite, to structure, to refocus, to connect and to rise.

Inferior Plane:
Knowing your power, strength and acquiring the necessary controls
to better understand its incarnation on this planet.

Interior Plane:
To develop the secrets of his inner universe.

Superior Plane:
- To awaken its extrasensory faculties of perception,
contact with its cosmic dimension and the plan of Unity.

This workshop is built as a game, integrating information, exercises, thoughts, meditations and advice,
for a better balance and wellbeing in daily life.


José : «"The virtual world with its beauty, its fantastic interdimensional landscapes, helped me to work with our more subtle bodies and even if our presence is virtual with our avatar, we feel the presence of those who are next to us, we feel it as if they were really present, close to us. I have experienced a great development of my perception and I thank the presence of everyone, as well as those who have achieved this synthesis.»

: «
I lived these moments with great intensity and it was wonderful to experience all this together. I am filled with gratitude for being able to participate in this teaching and I thank everyone for sharing their inner richness.»

: «
This seminar was very special. It strengthened me a lot and I experienced a new stage in the control of my energies. I feel blessed to have been able to live and integrate these teachings.»

: « Living this course in the virtual world was fantastic and very initiatory. I felt inwardly how the presence of the avatar also helped me to live the exercises more intensely... Thank you very much for this workshop and all the operational knowledge it brought me.»

"For me it was a great gift to receive this information. I experienced a plan of great accuracy. The virtual world is an accompaniment that strengthens integration. Thank you for all this work. »

Robson : «
I would like to thank all those who have participated in this beautiful union we have experienced. For me it was like a homecoming, a recovery of memories of who we really are, which is very precious. A big thank you!»

: «
I was happy to feel that I am no longer alone in my search. I am deeply grateful to be able to receive and live these teachings together with you.»

: «It was marvellous, the virtual world brings me incredible enchantment. I was able to work precisely on my roots and be able to extract them, it was very precise, in a very synthetic form, it gave me great internal strength. I also experienced a connection beyond the plane of light, the contact with an energy of pure vibration. Gratitude for all this precious teaching! »

Marceli : «
It's a great privilege to be able to take part in this course, to be in contact with people of great sensitivity who have the same research and also to have the opportunity to live all this knowledge inwardly. Gratitude!»

: «
This is the third seminar I am doing and I feel that the big decisions I have made in my life come from the inspirations I receive through this positive vibration and the energy transmitted in these teachings. Many thanks to all of you! »