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Energy Management

Explore and Discover your Inner Being


Discovering and managing the various manifestations
of your energy

Mastering our energies to be in harmony:
....- with the spirit
....- with oneself
....- with others
....- with one's power


Workshop in 4 sessions


- Understanding the energetic functioning of the human being in the economy of the universe.
- Transforming ourselves by identifying the unconscious blocks that prevent harmonious circulation of the energy through the physical, sexual, emotional, intellectual, creative and spiritual planes.
- Managing the energy fields that surround us and that interfere in our life at every moment.
- Releasing the ties and blocks to contact again our original essence and our creative ability.
- Developing our faculties of energy perception: instinct, intuition, creative inspiration, symbolic imagination, extrasensory perceptions, and contact with the plane of Unity.

This workshop is built as a game,
integrating information, exercises,
thoughts, meditations and advice,
for a better balance and wellbeing in daily life.

Living the Science of Energy

The science of energy studies the dynamics of the energies in the human being, as well as in his/ her surroundings: relationships with others,
contacts with nature and with other dimensions. The science of energy is inspired from traditional cultures - from different places and times
- which developped a comprehensive vision of the human being as living and vibrating totality.

In those traditional cultures (chamanism, taoïsm, tantra, khabbalah, gnosis,etc.),
the human being and the universe are perceived and understood as whole sets
of various vibratory levels integrated and co-ordinated with one another.


 "I receive very important keys for energy management. I really could perceive the different parts of my being, and I was able to discern the origin of certain energies, and how I could manage them. This is really a very important sensitization workshop!"
Daniele, Assisi (Italy)

"When we started this workshop, it helped me restructure my ideas to be able to restore a kind of mental chart that installed an order in my consciousness; that is why it is much easier for me now to manage the various planes and to deal with them, because the energy is fluid."
Ana-Carolina (Chile)

Here I received a quality teaching because I could really feel that you already had truly integrated all that which you were giving us. This is truly something very important when one teaches; but when one receives it, one receives something that has been integrated, and there is certainly a truth behind it. I really could feel that I was receiving very important codes to learn how to better master my energy, how to better manage it, because I know that yet a part of my system is in a rather exploded state. With what I learnt, there will be consequences at short, medium and long terms. This is very precious, and it is up to me to practise it now. This is extremely positive.
Martin (Canada)

I was able to learn a lot about the different kinds of energies one can be faced with. I certainly could feel that I already knew the bases of it, and a few things, beforehand. But finally, in this workshop, I really learnt more finely the different types of energy that are to be managed in daily life. And it also helped me with my perceptions because I could perceive all the different types of energies, and I could truly specify them one by one. I know there are many more things that can be seen. I must keep all this information inside and try to apply it in daily life. Therefore, all this was really fine. Hélène G. (France)